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    About Guatemala
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"When entering a strange village, walk like a blind man with bare feet."
                                                                                           - Proverb

About Guatemala-Avivara
Often, people request from us information that is not specifically related to our organization or programs. These requests ask for general information about visiting Guatemala, or for other resources that people can access to learn more about the history and peoples of Guatemala. To meet those requests we have provided the following information and/or documents: 
  • Education in Guatemala (An analysis of the current state of education in Guatemala including a variety of links to in-depth research studies and reports by governmental and non-governmental agencies.)
  • Poverty in Guatemala (A fairly "dense" synthesis of the 2004 World Bank Study on Poverty in Guatemala. Lots of facts and figures, but overall a balanced look at the issue of poverty and its impact on rural, indigenous population in Guatemala.)
  • Human Rights in Guatemala (A brief summary of human rights abuses of the past with an additional analysis of contemporary human rights issues [women's rights, human trafficking, fair access to health, education and housing, etc.] confronting Guatemala today. Includes links to pertinent NGO articles and reports.)
  • Coffee in Guatemala (A brief history of the development and economics of the coffee industry in Guatemala. Includes pictures, graphs and several humorous quotes about coffee.)
  • Visiting Guatemala - Frequently Asked Questions (This document gives general information regarding travel to Guatemala.)
  • Que Pasa - What's Happening (This page provides links to local daily newspapers and monthly publications that provide recent information about events and activities in Guatemala.)

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