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"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."
                                                                                           - Soren Keirkegaard

2016 Avivara Annual Report
“Not for Ourselves Alone" was the theme for Avivara's Annual Report in 2016. This annual report focuses on the achievements of programs supported by the generous donations to Avivara and its affiliate programs throughout the year. Of special note was passing the milestone of $1,000,000 in total contributions since Avivara's inception in 2008.

2016 Avivara Annual Report

2016 990 Report to the Internal Revenue Service

2016 Summary Financial Statements Combined (Single PDF File)

2016 Summary Financial Statements Portfolio (PDF Portfolio)

2015 Avivara Annual Report
“Our Load Has Gotten Bigger" was the theme for Avivara in 2015. This annual report looks back at how Avivara has grown over the last eight years as well as its current financial staus and program offerings in 2015.

2015 Avivara Annual Report

2015 990 Report to the Internal Revenue Service

2015 Summary Financial Statements Combined (Single PDF File)

2015 Summary Financial Statements Portfolio (PDF Portfolio)

2014 Avivara Annual Report
Opening the Umbrella” was an overarching theme for Avivara in 2014. Not only did Avivara continue to expand funding for school improvement grants and scholarships in rural, poverty-impacted villages in Guatemala, it also extended its administrative support to four other non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) working in education and environmental sustainability in Guatemala and Nicaragua.

2014 Avivara Annual Report

2014 990 Report to the Internal Revenue Service

2014 Summary Financial Statements Combined (Single PDF File)

2014 Summary Financial Statements Portfolio (PDF Portfolio)


2013 Avivara Annual Report

2013 was a banner year for Avivara. Our overall revenues increased by approximately 40% over 2012, and that increase will allow us to significantly expand our scholarship programs and support for Guatemalan schools in 2014. Please click on the links below for more details.

2013 Avivara Annual Report

2013 990 Report to the Internal Revenue Service
Note: This is a fairly large file (10mb) and may take several minutes to download.

2013 Financial Reports (Regular PDF Format)

2013 Financial Reports (PDF Portfolio Format)

2012 Avivara Annual Report
2012 was a "plateau" year for Avivara. Yet, even though our overall revenues decreased slightly (-2.4%), we were still able to maintain a strong level of support for our educational programs in Guatemala. With our School Improvement Grants, we helped two of our schools implement technology/computer labs, as well as fund major equipment purchases for the first high school we have supported. Our scholarship program provided 120 scholarships, with eleven of those for students attending university classes.

Organizationally, we "planted seeds" with a number of new community groups, schools and churches in the U.S., which we project will yield increased support for our Guatemala programs in 2013.

2011 Avivara Annual Report

2011 marked the completion of our fourth full year of operations. During the year we saw continued growth in the amount of contributions received, an overall increase in the size of our donor base, and corresponding increases in the amounts of money we were able to distribute to Guatemala for school improvement grants and scholarships. Some highlights of the year included surpassing one quarter of a million dollars in total contributions since our founding in 2008, and raising over $100,000 in total revenues in 2011.

Both of our organizations, Avivara (US) and Asociacion Avivara (Guatemala) ended the year with modest operating surpluses, thus strengthening the overall financial stability we achieved in 2010.

To see our summary financial statements and read more details on how our donations were utilized to improve educational opportunities in Guatemala in 2011, you may:

Avivara 2010 Annual Report

Avivara 2010 Annual Report

2010 was a pivotal year for Avivara and its affiliate organization in Guatemala, Asociacion Avivara. As a comparatively young organization, Avivara began 2010 with moderate cash reserves and a relatively small and concentrated donor base. However, because of work done by the Board, staff and other volunteers, overall revenues in 2010 increased by 55% (from slightly under $61,000 in 2009 to just under $94,500 in 2010.) In addition, our number of donors increased from 143 in 2009, to 227 in 2010, a 59% expansion of our donor base. These successes allowed our educational programs in Guatemala to grow proportionately and move Avivara into a position of greater financial stability.

Avivara 2009 Annual Report
2009 was clearly a difficult year for many non-profit organizations. Recent reports indicate that, on average, revenues for non-profits decreased by 9-11% from revenues in 2008. Fortunately, Avivara countered that trend with an overall increase in revenues of nearly 60% over 2008, and an increase in its number of contributors from 58 in 2008, to 143 in 2009.  Therefore, we wish to sincerely thank those people who supported the programs of Avivara this year with their generous contributions of time, talent and treasure.

The dominant theme for Avivara in 2009 was building relationships. We strengthened our ties to the schools we work with and had many more opportunities to work side-by-side with the teachers in the classrooms. We also expanded the number of secondary students receiving scholarships and continued to work closely with the community library/after school center group in Zacatecas. Through enhancements to our website and email capabilities we were also able to connect with many more people and significantly increase awareness of our programs and activities.
Avivara 2009 Annual Report

Avivara 2008 Annual Report
Avivara 2008 Annual Report
2008 was the first year of full operations for Avivara and its affiliate organization in Guatemala, Asociacion Avivara. The major accomplishments for 2008 included incorporation in both Guatemala and the United States and recognition as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. In terms of its programs, Avivara established grant relationships with seven Guatemala Schools, provided scholarships for two secondary students and supported the opening of two after school learning centers. It also established five school-to-school partnerships. Financially, Avivara finished the year with a small operating surplus, the majority of which will go to fund programs in 2009.

Questions regarding the Avivara Annual Reports or 990 annual returns to the IRS should be directed to: Gary Teale, Executive Director though our Contact Us link. 

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