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    Board(s) of Directors
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"Leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an crisis."
                                                                                           - Arnold Glascow

United States
Board of Directors

G. David Austin, M.D. (President)
Mary Seymour Austin, M.D. (Vice President)
Ruth Harbaugh (Secretary)
Thomas Friedman (Treasurer)
David Craig (Member-at-Large)
Tara Luckie (Member-at-large)

Junta Directiva
(Asociacion Avivara)

Gustavo Valle (Presidente)
Ann Austin (Vice Presidente)
Elsa Valle (Secretaria)
Gary Teale (Tesorero)
Dr. Jose Golcher, M.D.
Dra. Dalia Gonzales, M.D.
Sergio Rosales Pocon
Francisco Yuc Chiquito
Luis Yuc Chiquito

Interested in being a member of our U.S. Board of Directors?
The following outline, taken primarily from a book by Peter Drucker, Managing the Non-Profit Organization: Principles and Practices,  describes what we see as the duties, responsibilities and time commitments of an Avivara Board member.
Functions and Expectations of an Avivara Board Member:
 1. Governor
 1.1. Review and approve organizational policies
 1.2. Review and approve annual and long-range strategic plans
 1.3. Review and approve annual budgets
 1.4. Evaluate the performance of the Avivara Executive Director
 1.5. Review and oversee fiscal accountability procedures
 1.6. Fulfill other assigned duties if acting as officers of the organization
 2. Sponsor
2.1. Contribute to Avivara proportionate to your means
2.2. Assign a high priority to Avivara in your giving plans (not necessarily first, but at least in the top five of the organizations you support)
2.3. Take an active role in development and fund-raising
 3.  Ambassador
 3.1. Interpret and represent the mission of Avivara to the general public
 3.2. Represent Avivara to your own constituencies and communities
 4. Consultant
 4.1. Provide information and recommendations based on professional skills and background
 4.2. Provide feedback on staff-developed materials
 5. Time Commitment
 5.1. Attend or participate in three Board meetings per year, and commit to:
 5.2. 10-15 hours per year in review of policies, budget, strategic planning and Executive Director evaluation
 5.3. 10-15 hours per year in development/fund-raising activities
 5.4. 10-15 hours per year in providing feedback on promotional materials (e.g., website, newsletters, etc.)
 5.5. Officers would have some additional time commitments as required to fulfill their job responsibilities.

If being a member of our U.S. Board of Directors is something that interests you, please let us know through our Contact Us form. Your information will be forwarded to our U.S. Board President so that a phone interview can be set up to discuss in more detail your interest in being on the Avivara U.S. Board of Directors.

U.S. Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
To view minutes from past meetings of the U.S. Board of Directors, please use the links below.

March 4, 2019
Topics: Approval of 2018 990 Return, review of Conflict of Interest Policy, review of closure timeline and letter to donors.

November 4, 2018
Topics: Financial Update, planning for 2019-20.

September 19, 2017

Topic: Planning for November 4, 2017 benefit concert/event

June 5, 2017
Topics: Mid-year financial update, explanation of new process for school improvement grant applications in Guatemala, Program updates-Pachut and Valle de Durazno, planning for fall fund-raising event.

March 7, 2017
Topics: Equity buildup in Guatemala/authorization of deficit spending in 2017-2020, Approval of 2016 990 return, Review of 2016 Annual Fall Appeal, Donor Management (Little Green Light) implementation, Plan Lector update, Archbishop Murphy High School trip, Affiliate programs, Matching Gift Program for 2017, Fall Appeal and possible special fund-raising activity, Asociacion Educando.

December 15, 2016
Topic: This meeting was conducted via email in order to approve the 2017 Avivara and Asocicion Avivara operating budgets.

September 21, 2016
Topics: Financial updates, Program updates (Art training, Plan Lector, San Jose Pacul, Donor Management Software, Succession/Transition Plan, 2017 fund-raising strategies, Conflict of Interest annnual review, New board member nomination (Tara Luckie).

March 22, 2016
Topics: Approval of 2015 990 report to the IRS, Approval of 2015 Annual Report, Discussion/Planning for Fall fundraising events and strategies, Staff travel schedules in Sept/Oct, 2016 YTD financial update, Program Updates, Succession planning. 

December 15, 2015
Topics: Approval of 2016 budgets for Avivara U.S. and Asociacion Avivara Guatemala.

October 13, 2015
Topics: Greenlake Solidarity Walk, Programs Status Updates, Associate Director Salary, Fall Fundraising Appeal, Board leadership transitions.

March 14, 2015
Topics: 2014 Financial summary, Review of 2014 990, Review of Conflict of Interest Policy, Salary for Associate Director in Guatemala, Update of Guatemalan Programs for 2015, Fall Fundraising Event, Board Leadership Transition

November 17, 2014
Topics: 3rd Quarter Financial Status Update; 2014 Fall Appeal Update; website and password cybersecurity; Executive Director Annual Evaluation; Approval of preliminary 2015 budget

April 2, 2014
Topics: Introduction of prospective board member, Ruth Harbaugh; Review and Approval of 2013 990; Review and approval of 2013 Annual Report; Discussion regarding fall-fundraising efforts.


December, 2013
Topics: This meeting was conducted via email and approved the 2014 operating budgets for Avivara and Asociacion Avivara

June 19, 2013
Topics: Arrangements for replacement of stolen truck, Review of November 2nd tasks and responsibilities, Approval of website page to assist the village of Xeatzan Alto in its relocation efforts.

March 19, 2013
Topics: Review of 2012 Financial Reports and current financial status, Review and approval of 2012 990 Annual Report to the IRS, Discussion of Operating Reserve investment options, Fall event planning, Executive Director annual evaluation.

December 19, 2012
Topics: Approval of 2013 Budgets for Avivara US and Asociacion Avivara, Approval of increase in Operating Reserve Fund

August 30, 2012
Topics: Fall Fundraising Materials, Executive Directors Mid-Year Report, addition of new Board Member-Tobias Piering

March 13, 2012
Topics: Review of 2011 Annual Report, Approval of 2011 990 report to the IRS, Executive Director's annual evaluation


December 11, 2011
Topics: Approval of 2012 Budget, clarification of contribution categories, planning for March 2012 fund-raising trip.

September 24, 2011 
Review of year-to-date financials, Election of David Craig as new Board President, authorization of truck purchase in Guatemala.

June 18, 2011
Topics: Fall fundraising strategies, program update.

March 20, 2011

Topics: Approval of 2010 Annual Report, Approval of Record Retention Guidelines, Change of By-Laws regarding Board term limits, Board expansion and program updates. 


December 18, 2010   
Gift Acceptance Policy, Operating Reserve Policy, 2011 budget approval, extended terms for officers

September 4, 2010  
Board transitions, Addition of new board members, Fall Dinner update and planning, Becas Uspantan Affiliate Program, Approval of Whistleblower Policy, Volunteer of the Year Award

March 13, 2010   
Executive Director evaluation, Fall Fundraising Dinner planning, general program updates
December 19, 2009  
Adoption of BBB Standards for Charitable Accountability, Diversity and Non-Discrimination policy adoption, Privacy and Communications Policy adoption, 2010 Budget approval

October 3, 2009  
Opening account with Key Bank, Criteria for program activities in Guatemala, COFECA/LA event debrief

May 9, 2009  
Affiliated programs-Brillo de Sol, Official change of U.S. Registered Agent, Review of COFECA/LA Event proposal

March 1, 2009  
501(c)(3) status official, Staff updates on Guatemala Programs, International money transfer process
December 16, 2008  
Approval of 2009 Budget and Salary levels, update on 501(c)(3) application process

November 22, 2008  
School Partnership Memo of Understanding, Guidelines for maximum administrative costs, Board composition updates, fundraising initiatives

May 4, 2008  
Review of incorporation process, official adoption of corporation documents, initiation of 501(c)(3) application process, UAA Memo of Understanding, fund-raising activities

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