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"The only justifiable purpose of an institution is to ensure the unhindered development of the individual."
                                                                                           - Albert Einstein

Legal Status
As an organization, Avivara is actually made up of two interconnected, yet legally independent entities: Avivara (U.S.), which is a non-profit charitable corporation in the State of Washington, (USA) and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service; and Asociacion Avivara, which is a registered tax-exempt non-governmental organization (NGO) incorporated in the Republic of Guatemala.

Each of these legal entities has its own Board of Directors that provides counsel and oversight in the development of organizational policy and budgets, conducts annual evaluations of the Executive Director, and ensures that each organization meets the legal and reporting requirements in their respective locations. In both countries, the Boards are composed of volunteers who receive no compensation for their time and effort in supporting and guiding the organization.

The primary function of Avivara in the United States is to raise and collect funds for the educational programs being implemented and administered in Guatemala, as well as provide general review and oversight of long-range planning for the organization as a whole.

The primary function of Asociacion Avivara in Guatemala is to distribute and administer school improvement grants and student scholarships, distribute funds to our Affiliate Programs and provide teacher development workshops.  
In the United States, Avivara does not maintain a paid administrative staff. The Treasurer of the Avivara Board of Directors (an unpaid volunteer position) is primarily responsible for receiving and depositing contributions.

In Guatemala, Asociacion Avivara has an Administrative
Staff with three members. The positions within that team are Director of Programs (a full-time paid staff position), Associate Director for Educational Programs & Teacher Development (a full-time volunteer position), and Executive Director & Financial Administrator (also a full-time volunteer position.)

All three members of our Guatemalan administrative team participate in the process for determining grants to schools and scholarships to students. Using a criteria-based process, their experience in education, and their best professional judgment, they have the primary responsibility for allocating monies contributed to Avivara.  

Professional Services Relationships
In Guatemala, Asocacion Avivara also maintains professional contractual relationships with legal counsel and a licensed public accounting firm to ensure compliance with Guatemalan laws and labor regulations, and to audit all financial statements and documentation of expenditures.

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