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"A community is democratic and just only when the humblest and weakest can enjoy the same civic, economic and social rights as the biggest and most powerful."
                                                                                           - A. Philip Randolph

In the development of its administrative structures, policies and operating procedures, Avivara has been guided by the four core values contained in its Mission and Philosophy Statement:

    ♦  Justice and Fairness
    ♦  Honesty and Transparency
    ♦  Respect and Dignity
    ♦  Service and Contribution

In addition, Avivara is fully committed to:
  1. Being in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates,
  2. Upholding just and ethical employment practices,
  3. Adhering to generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP), and
  4. Acting in accordance with the ethical standards outlined in the the Better Business Bureau Standards for Charitable Accountability and with the standards for study abroad educational programs as established by the Forum on Education Abroad.

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Avivara Organizational Policies and Operating Standards
Since its incorporation in February of 2008, Avivara has developed and adopted the following major policy statements, which, along with our four core values, have guided the creation and implementation of our day-to-day operating procedures.
Avivara Conflict of Interest Policy

Avivara Diversity and Non-Discrimination Policy

Avivara Privacy and Communications Policy

Avivara Standards for Charitable Accountability

Avivara Whistleblower Policy

Avivara Gift Acceptance Policy

Avivara Operating Reserve Policy

Questions regarding the policies, organizational standards, or financial operations of Avivara (U.S.) and Asociacion Avivara (Guatemala) should be directed to: Gary Teale, Executive Director though our Contact Us link.

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