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"The only people who are truly happy are those who have found a way to serve others."
                                                                                           - Albert Schweitzer

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For Avivara to continue its work in improving education in Guatemala, we rely on a combination of individual donations, foundation grants, and fund-raising.

Our major fund-raising efforts such as our fall dinner and annual funding appeals are spearheaded by our Board and staff, but we also receive a significant amount of support from individuals, families and schools that choose to organize their own independent fund-raising events. We call these LIFE (Legendary Independent Fund-raising Events).

So keep reading to find out how you can get more out of LIFE!

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Perspiration plus inspiration gets things done!
Run your own LIFE in 5 easy steps:
    1. Pick your passion.  What do you like to do?  Are you a super spinner?  A bold bowler?  A cookie connoisseur?  Put your talents to work for the children of Guatemala.  (For ideas of what others have done, visit our Event Ideas page.)

    2. Set the date.  Talk to friends and family about your possible event and figure out the best time to pull it off.  Whatever works for you!

    3. Tell us about it.  Contact Us and tell us about your event so that we can announce it in our newsletter and on our Facebook page. Read our independent fundraising guidelines.  Also, be sure to check out our LIFE Support Page for tools to help you get started.

    4. Hold your event! Have a great time and feel great about helping Avivara provide educational opportunities for the children of Guatemala.

    5. Send in the proceeds.  We provide a simple form for you to capture your results and send in along with the money you have raised.  Online fundraising events are even easier—no money to collect!

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    Don't do it alone. Get help from your friends.
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