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"Every day do something that will inch you towards a better tomorrow."
                                                                                           - Doug Firebaugh

St. Bernadette School Student Council-Avivara
St. Bernadette School Student Council
Volunteer Opportunities in the U.S.
Our volunteer opportunities in the United States fall basically into two categories: Outreach & Fundraising and Administration. Under the category of Outreach and Fundraising we are always looking for people who would be willing to:
  • Organize staff presentations to schools, community groups, churches, etc.
  • Host a home based fund-raising presentation with an "ask" as part of the evening
  • Organize a LIFE event
  • Organize sales of Guatemalan craft items
  • Assist the Board with the coordination and implementation of major fund-raising events
Under Administration we are looking for people who could help us with:
  • Periodic editing and link-checking of our website
  • Foundation research and grant writing
  • Enhancing our presence and visibility with social media and search engines
  • Being a member of the Board of Directors

Tara Byrne volunteering in Guatemala-Avivara
Tara Byrne Teaching in El Yalu
Volunteer Opportunities in Guatemala
We always look forward to visitors coming to Guatemala to find out more about our programs and the schools and students we work with, and to experience first-hand the challenges facing the Guatemalans living in the rural villages. However, to be an effective volunteer with Asociacion Avivara in Guatemala, there are some qualifications which we have found helpful, if not essential. Those include:
  • A working fluency in Spanish
  • A volunteer commitment of at least a month, but preferably two to three months or longer.
  • Technical skills and experience in a field that can support and supplement the mission, programs and projects of Avivara (i.e., education, construction, engineering, health care, etc.)
  • A sensitivity to cultural differences and the ability to prioritize learning over "helping" (i.e., we don't need "saviors," just humble hard-workers who can respect and learn from the values and knowledge of the people we work with.)

Interested? Contact Us.
If you think you would be interested in volunteering with Avivara, either in the U.S., or in Guatemala, we would love to hear from you. Please contact our Executive Director, Gary Teale, using our Contact Us form to let us know about where in our organization you would feel you could have the most impact.

(Note: Avivara has only one paid staff member in Guatemala and has no plans to offer additional employment opportunities in the near future.)

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