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"Your work is to discover your world, and then with all your heart give yourself to it."
                                                                                           - Buddha

We believe that education is a fundamental pathway out of poverty and to achieving greater equality within society. To that purpose, Avivara has established the following key programs:

Delivering desks to El Yalu

Grants to Schools

This program provides educational improvement grants to Guatemalan public schools in poverty-impacted villages. Avivara grants help to supply schools with teaching materials, facilities improvements, classroom equipment, student supplies, and teacher-training workshops. For more in-depth information about this program and profiles of the schools we support, we encourage you to go to Grants to Schools/School Profiles.

Maria Asuncion Scholarship Student

Student Scholarships
This program distributes scholarship assistance to motivated and capable Guatemalan students whose families lack the resources to support their continued education. Avivara scholarships help to cover school fees, uniforms, books and supplies, and transportation costs for students continuing on to junior high, high school, and university studies. For more detailed information about this program, please visit our page on Student Scholarships.

Gustavo with escuelita students

After School Learning Centers
Many students in Guatemala come from families where there has been only limited education in previous generations. The after school learning centers supported by Avivara provide a safe and secure environment where students can receive help with their homework and study skills, access educational resources, and engage in other learning activities focused on the creative arts and critical thinking. For a closer look at the after school learning centers we currently support, please see our page on Avivara After School Learning Centers.
Gustavo Valle-Avivara

School-to-School Partnerships
Another important aspect of our mission is to create interconnectedness between the people of Guatemala and people in the United States. To help accomplish this we have established  School-to-School Partnerships between schools in Guatemala and schools in the U.S. In this program,
Avivara links its resources with schools in the United States who wish to learn more about Guatemala and develop an ongoing and collaborative partnership with a school receiving support from Avivara.


Service and Study Abroad (SAGE)

Avivara began as an outgrowth of the volunteer experience of two of its founders. It also has as one of its core values, service and contribution to the well-being of others. The Avivara SAGE Program was developed to provide logistical support and guidance to groups and/or individuals wishing to come to Guatemala to volunteer and learn more about its cultures, history and contemporary challenges. The program is supported solely from participant fees and can be custom-tailored to fit the budgets and needs of those who wish to make use of its services. 

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