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"Education is knowing where to go to find out what you need to know."
                                                                                           - William Feather

This site map is a comprehensive outline of the Avivara website. It lists each page on our site in the order of its appearance on our main and sub-menus found on the navigation bar at the top of each page. It also provides a brief description of the content and a listing of the main topics on each page. You may navigate from this site map to any other page or topic simply by clicking on the desired link. You may also return to this page by clicking on the Site Map link at the bottom of each page on our site.

If you cannot find the topic or item you are looking for on this site map, it is also possible to do a keyword search by using the the search function options to the right.
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Content: Our page welcoming visitors to the site.
Special Events/Calendar
Content: Announcement about major upcoming events and calendar of events.

Guatemala Stories
Content: Brief personal stories about the people working with and being served by the programs of Avivara

Site Map/Search Options

Content: An outline overview of the Avivara website and search function.
Viewing Our Site
Content: Information regarding website functionality with different browsers.
About Us
Content: A summary overview of Avivara         
Mission and Philosophy
Content: A comprehensive look at the “Why” of Avivara and the beliefs, philosophy and values that shape the development of its policies and operating procedures. Includes the following topics and links:
    Our Mission
    Our Rationale
    Our Core Belief
    Our Philosophy
    Our Core Values (including our non-discrimination statement)

History of Avivara
Content: A brief history of Avivara

Annual Reports
Content: Current and past annual reports of Avivara

Administrative Staff

Content: Brief bios and pictures of our administrative staff in Guatemala

Boards of Directors
Content: Listings of the members of our U.S. and Guatemala Boards of Directors and information for those interested in serving on the Board.

Governance & Structure
Content: Descriptive summary of the administrative structure and functional relationship between Avivara (U.S) and Asociacion Avivara (Guatemala).

Corporate Documents
Content: All documents and policies pertaining to the legal status of Avivara and its affiliate in Guatemala, Asociacion Avivara. Includes links to all relevant documents regarding incorporation as a non-profit charitable corporation in the State of Washington, documents related to the status of Asociacion Avivara as a non-profit, tax-exempt non-governmental organization (NGO) in Guatemala, and documents related to the status of Avivara as a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible public charity. Also includes links to our annual 990 returns to the IRS. All documents on this page are in PDF format and may be downloaded and read using Adobe Reader.

Policies & Standards
Content: Links to all Avivara Policies and Standards for Charitable Accountability

Financial Reports
Content: Links to Avivara's Annual Financial Statements

501(c)(3) Status & 990 Annual Returns
Content: Documentation of Avivara's status as a registered 501(c)(3) public charity and downloadable copies of our annual 990 returns to the IRS.

Content: Summary descriptions of the five programs that Avivará administers along with links to pages with more in-depth descriptions of each program as listed below:
Grants to Schools
Content: Detailed description of how the School Improvement Grants from Avivara to rural schools are administered, including the process for determining which schools will be eligible for support, how we collaborate with the school and community leadership to establish funding priorities, and how we evaluate the effectiveness of the support that is provided. There is also a brief profile of each school describing the village where it is located (including its longitude & latitude), the school’s enrollment and main focus of the grant that has been provided. 

Student Scholarships
Content: Detailed description on how scholarship recipients are nominated and selected. It also describes how we monitor and evaluate each student’s progress in school and provide encouragement and support for the families. In addition, there is a brief profile of each of our scholarship recipients.

After-School Learning Centers

Content: Information about the after-school learning centers supported by Avivara where students are provided with help with their schoolwork and given the opportunity to engage in critical thinking and problem solving activities. These centers include:
    El Centro de San Pedro Las Huertas
    El Centro y Biblioteca de Zacatecas

School-to-School Partnerships

Content: Description of the partnerships Avivara has established between schools in the United States and schools in Guatemala. Includes contact information for the participating U.S. schools.

Service and Study Abroad in Guatemala (SAGE Program)
Content: Overview of the Avivara fee-based Service and Study Abroad (SAGE) Program in Guatemala. Includes summary description of services offered, types of volunteer opportunities available, classes and seminars offered, as well as links to more complete descriptions of the program components as listed below:
Pre-Trip Planning
Content: Overview of Avivara services available prior to arrival in Guatemala. Includes assistance with budget planning, advice on what to bring, accessing money, arranging for lodging and food, arranging for special medical needs, arranging for volunteering in a Guatemalan social agency, pre-trip arrangements for tourist excursions, etc.

Arrival & Orientation
Content: Covers greeting and pickup at Guatemala International Airport, delivery to arranged lodgings and walking tour of Antigua, including orientations on accessing money, personal security & safety, transportation, basic cultural norms, etc.

Volunteer Options
Content: Summary descriptions of the variety of volunteer opportunities available and the process used to match volunteers with Guatemalan agencies and projects.
Academic Seminars/Spanish Language Instruction
Content: Summary descriptions of Spanish Language Instruction and Avivara Course/Seminar offerings in: Guatemalan History and Culture, Ethics and Community Service, Servant-Leadership and Organizational Systems, Teaching Methodologies with Children At-Risk, Guatemalan Artistic Traditions, etc.

Tourism Opportunities
Content: Brief descriptions of popular tourist destinations and activities in Guatemala.

General Costs & Fees
Content: Summary estimates of traveling to and living in Guatemala. Also includes link to our comprehensive Pre-Trip Budget Planning Tool for individuals or groups.

Content: A fairly comprehensive document covering all aspects of the SAGE program that potential participants will most likely have questions about.

SAGE Registration Information
Content: Describes the process for applying and enrolling in the SAGE Program. Includes links to SAGE FAQ's,
and Sage Program Agreement to Participate Document, as well as the SAGE Program Application Questionnaire.

Content: Summary overview of how Avivara communicates with its donors and the community in general with links to the following:

The Blackboard Newsletter Sign Up
Content: Sign-up form to receive the Avivara E-newsletter, the Blackboard.

Facebook & Blog
Content: Links to the Avivara Facebook Page and Avivara Blog

Feature Video
Content: most recent Flash video produced by Avivara plus links to other videos in our Video Gallery 

Content: Links to resources and texts published by Avivara

Opinions & Editorials
Content: Links to opinion articles related to non-profit organizations, development and Guatemala 

Staff Presentations

Content: Information about organizing a staff presentation to various groups.

Newsletter Archives
Content: Links to archived editions of the Avivara newsletter, The Blackboard.

Privacy & Communication Policy

Content: Full text of the Avivara Privacy and Communications Policy

Contact Our Staff
Content: Instructions on how to contact the Avivara Administrative Staff

About Guatemala
Content: Overview page with links to information about visiting Guatemala, daily and monthly Guatemalan publications, and other pertinent issues such as poverty in Guatemala, education in Guatemala, human rights in Guatemala., etc.

Education in Guatemala
Content: A summary analysis of the current state of education in Guatemala, including many links to research papers, case studies and other governmental and non-governmental agency reports.

Poverty in Guatemala
Content: A summary analysis of the 2004 World Bank Report on poverty in Guatemala.

Human Rights in Guatemala
Content: A summary analysis of human rights abuses in Guatemala from the Colonial Period through the recent civil war and the current post-war period.

Coffee in Guatemala
Content: A brief history and analysis of the development and economics of the coffee industry in Guatemala.

Visiting Guatemala: FAQ's
Content: A comprehensive document describing many aspects of traveling to and living in Guatemala. Includes general tourist information, safety and security questions, etc.

Que Pasa - What's Happening
Content: Links to daily newspaper and other publications in Guatemala and the Antigua area describing current events, tourist activities, cultural events and other interesting news about Guatemala.

Get Involved

Content: Introduction to fundraising activities and volunteer activities  to help support the programs of Avivara.
Get a LIFE!
Content: Describes the steps to organizing your own LIFE (Legendary Independent Fundraising Event.)

LIFE Ideas
Content: A list of ideas for staging a LIFE event.

LIFE  Registration
Content: Registration form for a LIFE event.

Volunteer Opportunities
Content: Information about volunteering with Avivara in the U.S. and Guatemala

Content: Share information about Avivara through links to social media and other related websites
Read/Write a Review
Content: Links to the Great NonProfit website where independent reviews about Avivara can be found.

Social Media
Content: Links to Social Media (Facebook, Avivara Blog, etc.)

Content: information for organizing presentations to groups and potential donors

Contact Us
Content: On-line form to submit questions or comments to the Avivara staff. E-mail or telephone response provided within 24-28 hours (or sooner.)

Donate to Avivara

Content: Instructions on how to donate to the programs of Avivara online or by mail.

Donate Online
Content: Link to Paypal for making an online donation to Avivara.

Donating by Check
Content: Information on making a donation by check to Avivara.

Contribute Monthly
Content: Options for setting up a monthly contribution to Avivara.

Donating Stock
Content: Information and contact form for donating stock to Avivara.

Charting Our Impact
Content: Summary of the impact our programs have on education in Guatemala.

Accountability Standards
Content: Full text of our adherence to the BBB Wise Giving Alliance Accountability Standards.

Off-Menu Pages
Content: On our website, but not shown in our main navigational links on the left, are a number of "hidden" pages with specific content related to our organization. These pages are often accessed through links in our newsletter, links on the visible pages on our site, or through the site search function found at the top of this page.

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