Welcome to Avivara

“Education makes a people impossible to enslave.”
– Peter Brougham

Welcome to Guatemala and Avivara

Like a young girl caught by surprise on a well-worn village path, Guatemala is small and beguiling, with a soul more profound than that of many larger and more powerful countries. But, having seen her cultures assaulted by centuries of greed, violence and exploitation, she stares back at the rest of the world with hopeful, yet suspicious eyes.

In the rural villages of Guatemala, her people struggle against extreme poverty, malnutrition, discrimination and environmental degradation, while at the same time being enveloped by the encroaching forces of globalization and technology.

At Avivara, we believe passionately that education is a fundamental pathway out of poverty. We also see it as a means for achieving greater social equality and integrating the dignity and traditions of Guatemala’s indigenous cultures with the ever-changing wider world.

Our Mission:
To improve the quality of, and access to, education in rural poverty-impacted villages in Guatemala.

Testimonial from Stephen Schlesinger for the work being done by Avivara in Guatemala.

“I am impressed by the actions Avivara is taking to improve rural schools in Guatemala. It is a small organization making a big difference, and has already gone a long ways toward alleviating many deficiencies in the countryside schools. I commend Avivara on its commitment to, caring for and perseverance with the education of children in the indigenous communities of Guatemala.”

Stephen Schlesinger, coauthor, Bitter Fruit: The Story of the American Coup in Guatemala

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